Haliotis 2 neighbours discover the renovation project for their wastewater treatment plant!

8 April 2024

As requested by the president of the Carras, Les Bosquets and Sainte-Hélène neighbourhood committee, the Eau d’Azur and SUEZ teams worked together to organise a visit for around twenty local residents to present the Haliotis 2 renovation and modernisation project and the phasing of the work that is about to begin.

The visit took place on Wednesday 20 March at 10 a.m. in front of the Haliotis2 Project House, where the local residents taking part in the visit were first able to see what tomorrow’s Nice wastewater treatment plant will look like when it comes into service in 2030, thanks to the imposing model of the project. They were also able to discover the improvements that will be made to the plant, as well as being given an explanation of the deconstruction and reconstruction work that will be carried out to ensure that the plant’s purification performance is maintained throughout the works.

début de la visite dans la maison du projet autour de la maquette d'haliotis 2
les visiteurs ont pu découvrir les équipements existants qui permettent le traitement de l'eau
Visite d'Haliotis par le comité de Quartier de Carras

It was also an opportunity for them to (re)discover the current treatment plant by following the flow of water through the various buildings where it is treated before being discharged into the sea. The visitors thoroughly enjoyed the visit, during which they were free to ask any questions they might have had of Mr Papin and Mr Damour, respectively Haliotis Operations Manager for SUEZ and Haliotis 2 Project Manager for Eau d’Azur.

This visit contributes to good relations and peaceful exchanges with local residents. In particular, residents can volunteer to take part in the Nose Jury to help the plant’s teams monitor odours precisely according to their type, intensity and location around the plant. This information is then recorded so that the plant teams can intervene quickly if necessary and/or explain the reason for the nuisance (particularly when it does not originate within the Haliotis site) and the measures taken to reduce it.