Haliotis 2 – Preventive maintenance continues ahead of modernisation work

3 April 2024

Ahead of the works to modernise and renovate the Nice Haliotis2 wastewater treatment plant, the existing plant still needs to be maintained to enable it to treat the Metropole’s wastewater until the new facility, which will gradually take over, is commissioned. On Wednesday 13 March, the Haliotis operations maintenance teams therefore replaced the screw feeding the sludge storage silos in a very short space of time.

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This equipment, located at the outlet of the sludge line, extracts the sewage sludge to feed the 2 sludge storage silos before it is removed from the plant by lorry by the partner transport company.

This operation on a critical and strategic piece of equipment at the wastewater treatment plant would not have been possible without the full mobilisation of the teams, who demonstrated remarkable teamwork to enable the plant to resume normal operation as quickly as possible.