Deodorisation units undergoing maintenance, Haliotis 2 carries out a summer check!

22 April 2024

As part of maintenance work on the pre-treatment deodorisation unit and in preparation for the summer of 2024, a shutdown was carried out on 22 February 2024.

The work involved removing and replacing damaged parts and repairing other parts of the equipment, which is vital for maintaining good air quality in and around the station.

An informative e-mail was sent to the members of the nose jury to this effect. The impact of this operation was relatively limited, as it was confined to the pre-treatment works, which were consequently closed to access for the duration of the operation.

Other maintenance operations were carried out during the week of 02 to 05 April.

From now on, all maintenance operations on the treatment plant’s deodorisation units will be completed at least until next autumn.