Delivery and installation of new bar screens and cleaning of Ferber stormwater basins

18 March 2024

As part of the work linked to the construction of the future Nice wastewater treatment plant, Haliotis 2, maintenance and improvement operations are underway, in particular for the bar screens in the Ferber stormwater basins.

This essential equipment retains and scrapes the waste collected during intense rainfall events when the surplus water is stored in the storm water basins, so that this storage is free of macro-waste.

The first bar screen was successfully installed on 14 November. This was followed by a conclusive testing phase leading to its final commissioning on 24 November. Congratulations to the ROMAG France installation teams, as well as to the Vinci Construction and SUEZ Degrémont teams who were mobilised to successfully complete this delicate operation, both technically and in terms of meeting deadlines.
The second bar screen was installed on 29 January this year, after another dedicated test phase. It was commissioned on 8 February 2024.

The old bar screens were no longer operational and a significant accumulation of macro-waste had built up over the years in the storm water basins.

This led to a large-scale cleaning operation to replace the bar screens. The purpose of cleaning the basins (first basin B, followed by basin A) is to empty this waste, which also interferes with the smooth operation of the lift pumps. This two-month operation began on 15 January and should be completed by 31 March.